Praise The Lord!!

Welcome to Agape MPS Ministry's new web site.

We have been working on getting this site to your liking. We will continue to work at making the site a blessing to all.

The 'Slide' Show is at the bottom of this page, the Home page. It has most the pictures in it. And the music you hear, it is all that I have rights to. And at the end of the music, there is a prayer of Salvation lead by the wonderful Rachel Koontz. If you say this prayer with Rachel, and you are for real with God, then let me or someone else know. And may God show Himself real to you in your life.. Glory!!

The picture at top left of this page will appear on all the pages. Well, I am having a glech in the picture, so it will be one of two pic's. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. It is no biggy though, both pic's are good. There are a few still pictures on a couple of the pages. 

If you would like to check out a still picture on one of the pages in more detail, just click on it and it will enlarge.

Go share the Good News with someone. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Jesus loves each and every one of you!!

We would like to Thank our Military for fighting for and protecting our rights and freedoms here in America. THANK YOU!

Psalms 91..............Gary

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